Decimal Odds on Super Bowls

Decimal Odds in Super Bowl PropsAnother odds format that you should be familiar with are decimal odds. These odds are commonly used in European countries and Canada.

However, you’ll see them as an option in US-friendly sportsbooks too. So while you may never be forced to use them, it doesn’t hurt to learn how decimal odds work and how to calculate them, just in case.

Ok, so decimal odds are written like this:

  • New England (1.50)
  • Denver (2.75)

Figuring out your payouts is simple.

Say you wanted to bet $100 on New England. All you’d do is multiple the 1.50 x $100 to come up with a $150 payout, which when combined with your original bet comes out to $250.

The same thing applies to Denver. If you wanted to bet $100, your payout (or profit) would be $275, and you’d receive a grand total of $375.

When you look at it like this, it should be clear who the favorite and the underdog is. The team favored to win pays out less profit, so in this case it’d be New England. Denver is clearly the underdog, as you stand to win almost twice as much compared to New England, for the same exact original wager.

And that’s all there is to decimal odds.

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